ABCSearch - About Us

Co-founded by Daniel Yomtobian, ABCSearch is the world's largest privately held meta search engine. They handle over 85 million searches a day across a wide network of specialized engines and metacrawlers. With the high cost of advertising on other search engines, ABCSearch offers a more affordable alternative with a minimum bid price set at $.05 per click. Its geo targeting capability and optimization tools contributes to more quality traffic in order to achieve a company's online marketing goal.

About ABCSearch

Audience Country: USA
Primary site language: English
Daily unique visitors: 50,000
Total daily ad inventory: 125,000
Ad media formats: HTML, Interstitials, Other


Keyword Trends
No Sign-Up fees
Advertiser support
Bids begin at $.05
Daily Spend Capping
Minimum $25 deposit
Detailed Traffic Reporting
Strict Click Fraud Protection
2.5 Billion Monthly Searches
Listing approval within 24 hours.


The 'Search' for Partners…

Due to its large database of direct advertisers ABCSearch distribution partners receive higher earnings. ABCSearch strives to ensure the highest quality traffic so that its advertisers generate a healthy ROI. In order to meet its quality standards, they require that the majority of traffic come from the US, Canada, and Western Europe. In addition, its partners must incorporate quality filters and continuously monitor fraudulent activity.

ABCSearch's online account interface provides partners with accurate, detailed statistics that are updated on a daily basis. In addition, the company is dedicated to providing excellent partner support via phone or email. Timely payments are made by way of check, paypal, or wire transfer on a net 45 basis. ABCSearch is committed to establishing and preserving successful, long-lasting relationships.