Daniel Yomtobian - Co-Founder of ABCSearch

Daniel Yomtobian was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California in 1977. He is the second child of a businessman and social worker. His parents immigrated to the U.S. while they were both teenagers. His sister is one year older than Daniel.

After graduating from high school Daniel's hunger for success grew stronger. His mother had saved up enough money to purchase him his first computer. Simultaneously, Daniel's father had begun investing in domain names on the Internet.

Danny Yomtobian was also promoted at his job from 'box-boy' to 'dairy/deli' and he was hopeful that his future would entail further promotions until one day advancing to a managerial position.

Daniel Yomtobian : Self-motivation his Key

While Daniel felt self-motivated to make advancements in the supermarket industry he also became enthusiastic about the newly emerging World Wide Web. He attended HTML classes and also concentrated on his career. Daniel began his career in the computer industry as a web designer building web pages for smaller diverse companies that wanted to go from offline to online. That is when he realized the value and potential of domain names and became a domain aggregator where he began buying and selling dictionary based domain names.

He co-founded an online media and advertising company called WayInternet. He simultaneously co-founded the search engine 'Findology', but sold his share of the company one year later. Along this timeline Daniel was involved in a multitude of other successful startups. In 2001, Daniel Yomtobian launched ABCSearch and since then it has grown to serve over 2.5 billion searches per month. ABCSearch is one of the world's top providers of cost-per-click searches on the Internet and has received acknowledgment and notoriety in the online advertising industry.